Thursday, February 27, 2014

More than just Facebook

Learning to be bored

As I previously mentioned, work for me right now is finding a job.  Two days a week, sometimes three days, I watch my two year old while my wife goes to work.  Nap time is my "break" and Nap time use to be "Facebook" time.  On my "breaks", like during snack and Dora the Explorer time, I would be checking Facebook or applying to a job.  Now without Facebook and since I have applied to almost every job on LinkedIn that I may want or find remotely intriguing, I have to learn to be bored.  Today, I choose to write about being bored and how I do it ----> normally I am just a couch potato watching HGTV or DYI although I do tape "The Tonight Show" now that Jimmy Fallon is hosting.

I have learned that being bored, is, OKAY ----> In fact, I like my hour of downtime.  Would I rather be working and making money?  Absolutely but for the time being, my job is house Dad, blogger to my one fan and DYI network addict!


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