Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The Symptoms

As a former smoker, withdrawal is nothing new to me. When I finally quit smoking after almost twenty years, the first three days were not only painful but also annoying. I hated it and having a smoke would have been the easy way out. I made it through those first three days after which, two almost three years later, I am healthier and happier than ever. My withdrawal from "The book" was a little more difficult. Like I said in my initial post, I did reactivate after a few days to check on the status of my alumni status of fraternity and while I did complain multiple times about how dumb the idea actually was, I survived. This time, my addiction is much more involved as it had nothing do with the future of my daughter or my health, it has to do with my involvement in society and the happenings of others. How in the world would I know who went to the mall today to pick up a new tie if I am not on Facebook? Most people who are not on Facebook do so because they don't care or have a fear of losing their privacy. Others join Facebook but never actually go on it and the last third of people not on Facebook either are trying to avoid the 1.3 billion people trend My friend Brian) or do not understand how to use a computer (my mom).

What is Conversation?

While my withdrawal symptoms much different then when I left tobacco, I can say that I think I miss Facebook more than I miss smoking.  Facebook doesn't leave a stench on my clothes and make others worry about their health but it does leave me without knowing what is going on within other people's lives.  I feel out of touch with others, with their opinions on sports and the happenings of their lives.   In a way, quitting smoking made me a better person, I smelled better, I could continue conversations without the need to leave the room to smoke and my daughter is healthier because of that decision.  Leaving Facebook, could make me a better conversationalist; potentially a better husband and father as I'll pay more attention to the two people in my life that need the most attention, no offense to my 500 Facebook friends.  Do I worry that I am missing out on the next great news? I am sure at times I do subconsciously, but if someone really wants to include me in the news, they have other ways of communicating with me; like Twitter!

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