Monday, February 17, 2014

You Quit "The Book"? Catching up!

Catching Up

Yesterday, I saw multiple people who use to be friends on Facebook. Apparently, my absence has not made their hearts grow fonder as they did not realize I was even gone. It may have been a family thing, but the Adamo's all said, "So you quit "The Book" huh?" It was a moment in catch up that was interesting and got me thinking. How often have you been on Facebook or any social media site, some provides a status update and then, they tell you about their post when you see them in person. I, for one, did this all the time; much to the dismay of my friends I am certain. Yesterday was different, I got to share that I am still out of work, that my daughter is crazy and that I love my wife very much. I received updates on upcoming weddings, I actually met the bride who was someone I knew as a Facebook commentator only, got updates on the "firm" as Bobby calls it. I learned that the due date is in May and got an excellent update on Issac. It was fantastic to catch up, something we would have only done by examining each others Newsfeeds. All parties got a giggle that I quit social media (sort of) and started a new blog.

Am I more interesting now? I doubt it but I am certain I have more personal, annoying stories to tell when I finally see people who I see maybe once or twice a year. Fun times at the old St. Eugene Gym!

On a side note, I am very sore today, my hands are swollen and - ah forget it, that's a FB update, not a blog entry.


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