Thursday, February 27, 2014

Positive Rejection

Finding the Silver Lining in No!

Being without work sucks, I am not going to sugarcoat ----> The last three months have been frustrating but with each rejection I become more positive that the next interview will be the perfect fit for both myself and the company.  Recently, I was given a "we do not think this is challenging enough but we like you and want to look within the company for a different opportunity for you" ----> Positively rejected?

I sent a text to a good friend, a mentor of sorts, a fraternity brother who I look up to and try to emulate in my daily life with the statement I received...Is that a good thing?
"Fuck Ya!"  was the response I received.  
 I responded to the company with positive disappointment, thanking them for the opportunity and requesting when I should follow up regarding the next opportunity after they speak with the person in charge.  I questioned, for a few moments, the sincerity of the rejection, was this just the way they reject people?  I, then felt the need to remain positive and keep plugging away as the company showed nothing but respect to me throughout the process and nothing about their tone changed even in their rejection message.  As a result, I wait, like those who survived the sinking of the Titanic, in the cold world of unemployment for someone on a boat to come and scoop me up, put a blanket around me and tell me, "I'm glad you are here"


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