Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Facebook Official

When news breaks there is a saying called, "Facebook Official" that resonates with pregnancy's, births and even death (to a certain extent) except without Facebook, this news does not break quite as easily or quite as often. I learned of a birth via text when I asked for a fraternity members phone number, "OMG, I cannot believe I forgot to tell you, the baby was born on Saturday!" I am certain it was on Facebook, not positive but I am certain it was.

A family member passed away this week and in the conversation with my best friend, Mike, I said, "Did you hear that Allan's Dad passed away?" He replied, "Yeah, sad, I sent him a message on Facebook." I am certain he found out about it on Facebook as well. It is social media but it makes us a little less social and a little more reliant on "Facebook Official" rather than personal.


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