Thursday, March 13, 2014

Whatever Happened to Email?

How you miss out when off Social Media?

I am a member of a fraternity and each year, the alumni get together for an event, at the college.  It is a time to meet with younger members (although this year, that is no longer the case as the chapter, sadly closed this winter), catch up with older members, meet as an alumni and party like we were back in college.  I have visited 13 of 14 years but the kid makes it more difficult as does lack of time/general life issues.
This year, being the first without the local chapter, it seems like; at least through the grapevine that more members are showing up.  It is likely due to Dana bringing his girlfriend (must be serious!) but probably because the chapter went under and distant alumni feel obligated to make an appearance to catch up on recent events, make new memories and discuss events of the past.  
While I have been told of the dates, I did not know the events, times, cost, etc.  I was randomly contacted by another brother via Twitter direct message with the following message:

Brother:  "Are you planning on coming to Alumni Weekend this year? ...." 
Me:   "I am doubtful and if I show, it would be a last minute decision as my birthday is that weekend...What's the plan? I have zero details"
 Brother " Everything has been communicated on Facebook. Golf on sat morning, brunch, and dinner sat. evening. Contact Busta for more details"
Me:  "That's great for those on Facebook!"
Brother:  Crickets (No response)

What happen to paper invites?

I followed up with an email and received a text message with the valid, much needed and appreciated details. The point of all this is if I wasn't on social media at all, would I have been notified?  Would anyone have really cared if good ol' Danny was there?  Likely not, well, maybe Dana would have cared if his roomie did not make the short drive to see him but anyone else?

Crickets (No response)

In all seriousness, I likely am going to try to make it up for the day on Saturday but who knows what life will bring, my point in the matter is we, as a society,  no longer communicate like we use to do.  In the 80's, it was via phone or fax, in the 90's it was via phone or email, in the early 2000's, it was via "text", cell or email and now it is via Facebook and text ---> except for the guy who is addicted to Facebook and completing an useless experiment that only 1 person actual reads, I get notified via Twitter!


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